5 Assets You Might Forget About When Getting Divorced

When working through your divorce settlement, deciding who gets what can be difficult. Attorneys focus most of their time of dividing up the most sizeable assets such as: houses, cars, and retirement settlements.

While these items are clearly important, many other assets often are overlooked. Often times, divorcing couples don’t remember they have these items, or don’t consider them to be assets.

Even if you don’t care how they are divided, keep in mind they have value. Adding these chips to the pot increases the amount of assets being divided, which could increase your share in the settlement. These chips can be powerful negotiating tools.

For instance, if you were more of the enthusiastic traveler in the marriage, you might be willing to give a little back on the home sale in order to secure some frequent flyer miles.

Below are 5 commonly overlooked assets:

Prepaid Memberships

Any personal membership or professional memberships and subscriptions that have been paid for the remainder of the year or future years should be included if marital funds or a joint account was used to pay for them. Memberships could include anything from a gym membership to rotary club dues.


While attorneys and couples are quick to address home mortgages and car payments, many overlook personal loans. Personal loans made to friends or family members during the marriage, using marital funds, the balance and interest due on those loans should be divided in your settlement.

Frequent Flyer Miles and Loyalty Programs

In the era of loyalty programs, you and your spouse have probably accumulated a plethora of points and flyer miles. Any loyalty program in either of your names is a marital asset and should be divided in the divorce settlement.

Vacation Pay

Remember those day you didn’t take off of work? Paid time off accumulated at a job has value and is a marital asset. Make sure it is taken into account.

Digital Downloads:

Yes, your eclectic iTunes playlist and kindle e-book collection have value. Movies, music, e-books are expensive to replace, so be certain to include these items when tallying assets. An experienced lawyer can assist you in finding these “hidden” assets, and help you determine what’s worth negotiating for as your work through your divorce settlement.

Divorce can be costly – so we just want to make sure that you’re keeping tabs on the little things that may otherwise slip through the cracks. Maintain your cool – you got this!