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Welcome to NotTied, a place that is Your Divorce Community. We are bringing you some of the best tools to get you started on your new journey, with everything from legal, finances, co-parenting, spiritual, and more for you to share your story with people who are, or have been, where you are now.

Alimony: What You Need To Know

Divorce-101: Court Determines How Much, How Long to Pay Alimony for Former Spouse This article was originally published in January 2017 by Wevorce. Alimony, also

Creating A Post-Divorce Budget

Going through a divorce is stressful enough without having to also consider how you are going to make it on your own financially. Even if

Creative Ways To Save Money

It’s a crazy thought to think that it is even possible to save money once you are divorced. After all, in many cases there is

Who Keeps The Carats?

Divorce is daunting and dividing up assets can be difficult, but what happens to the once shining glimmer of hope? Who keeps the ring? When

To Sell Or Not To Sell?

So it’s been a few weeks, or years, since you got divorced. Do you still have your wedding ring in your junk drawer? It’s okay,