Creative Ways To Save Money

It’s a crazy thought to think that it is even possible to save money once you are divorced. After all, in many cases there is one less income stream you have for that “rainy day fund.” Our team here at NotTied put our thinking caps on and rallied a few money saving tips that anyone can use.

Food Buying

Everyone knows that the best place to shop in a grocery store is on the perimeter aisles where you get your fresh fruits and vegetables. You can afford to purchase healthy foods by buying produce only when it is in season.

For instance, buy fresh blueberries only during the summer months when they are being harvested. If you want blueberries during the off-season, it is best to buy frozen which are still just as healthy. Some people can vegetables so they have them available to enjoy at any time during the year.

Here is a seasonal food guide that will help you make smart choices.

Food Preparation

Make time on the weekend to sit down and list out the meals for the week you are going to prepare. If you are okay with eating the same meal twice that week, you can prepare a meal for dinner and have it the next day for lunch. Breakfast can be as easy as a smoothie. Remember all the fruit you are buying in-season and freezing?

Try one of our favorite healthy breakfast recipes which comes from Dr. Fuhrman’s Lose 10 Pounds In 20 Days Detox.

Soaked Oats and Blueberries

Makes 1 Serving

½ cup uncooked old fashioned or steel cut oats

½ cup unsweetened, unflavored or vanilla soy, hemp, or almond milk

½ cup blueberries

Combine oats and non-dairy milk. Soak for at least 30 minutes or overnight. Mix remaining in ingredients. Note: If using steel cut oats, double the amount of non-dairy milk and soak overnight.

Raise Insurance Deductibles

By raising your insurance deductible on your car and homeowners policy you can put a little extra cash back in your budget. You will need to have a little cash saved in case of emergencies as you now have to pay a higher deductible. Just a little preparation in this aspect will give you the peace of mind you need in case an emergency arises. If raising your deductible feels too risky for you, then you may consider refinancing your home to lower your monthly payment and save interest over the life of the loan. Plus, who doesn’t want to be debt free on a mortgage sooner than later? It’s also a great way to plan for retirement and another way to save. You can also refinance your auto loan to reduce your interest rate and pay off your vehicle sooner.

Lower Your Cable Bill

Who needs 150 channels when there are so many streaming services out there like Roku, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime? If you are like me, most of the time you have all of these channels and really only watch a handful of programs. Plus the fact that you can watch what you want when you want makes the viewing experience better with these products. On average, a person spends $103.00 per month on their cable bill as reported by Fortune 500, The Average Cable TV Bill Has Hit a New All-Time Record, Aaron Pressman, Sept.23, 2016. Hulu streaming services are less than $15 a month.

You pick which of these useful cost savings tips will best help to keep more money in your pocket.

Divorce is stressful enough, but by implementing some cost-saving measures you can help eliminate some needless money worries.