How Practicing Mindfullness Will Enhance Your Spiritual Life

I believe connecting spirituality is easier than most people think and can be explored by using a process called Mindfulness. I argue that in this historical period we are discovering the realities of an authentic Spiritual Experience as never before.

Here is what is important to know:

​Proving to yourself that spirituality is real is a matter of suspending your skepticism for a moment while you seek it. The human world is designed to exclude such spiritual explorations by keeping our focus on work, play, and other matters, so we won’t think about not living forever. Such diversions constantly pull at us to dive into a busy life. We even tell ourselves that questions about spirituality are “unknowable” anyway.

However, when we begin to suspend such cultural skepticism, even for a moment, we break free into the quiet space of genuine openness.

In this space, we can begin to contemplate and actually perceive what explorers through the ages have experienced when they have pursued a Spiritual Life.

This moment is one of breaking out from the delusions of the world. In a real sense, we WAKE UP!

Mindfulness: How To Get Started

A key factor is making the time to sit by yourself every day. Seek solitude and Mindfulness because it is in this quietness that all the deep proofs of spirituality can be witnessed.


If you are going through something difficult, it can be very hard to be alone. There is a natural tendency to use all kinds of different defense mechanisms to deflect the pain you’re feeling. The truth is one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to make time to be in a quiet place for at least a few minutes every day. Real peace and healing, like the scripture of all religions promise, can only be discovered when you clear your mind. We must sharpen our minds to go after this peace and find it.

Finding Your Peace and Connection

When sitting alone, this first step is to teach yourself to drown out the chatter of your mind. We call this practicing Mindfulness and staying calm in the moment to find your connected place. Many find this is difficult to at first, but eventually, it will change your Life.

Just keep practicing being in the quietness, feeling love, and letting go of the chattering thoughts, the feelings of anger or frustration, or the hurts you think others have caused. When such chatter takes you out of the quiet, notice this, and merely let them go and return to the quiet and love. It is as simple as that. Soon you will be able to catch yourself going into the chatter sooner and sooner until you can stay in this peaceful place for long periods of time.

When you can, stay there longer. This practice of letting go in the meditation allows you to begin to notice the inspiring feelings or ideas that are waiting to amplify your life and Spiritual Journey. These are the Intuitions or guiding thoughts that will help you live your life better. The gift of your spiritual connection will eventually allow you to be guided by a higher Divine Intelligence that lives within you. But here, you must exercise the power of prayer to speed things up.

Adding Affirmative Prayer to Your Meditation

As you search for peace and practice Mindfulness, a second but equally import step is to cultivate a faithful affirming stance. You must declare that the peace you long for, and the clarity about how to pursue your life iscoming. We can always ask and faithfully expect to receive help or guidance.

State what you want. In this case, it is to go deeper into your spirituality, and the activating force here is gratitude. So, conjure up an authentic emotional feeling of gratitude in advance, which will set your faith.

Listen for your Intuitive Thoughts.

Soon, in your meditations, you will notice another kind of thought that comes to you. These are your guiding intuitions coming into consciousness. You know they are coming from your Divine Intelligence because these thoughts have a feeling of inspiration about them. These kinds of thoughts will also be about helping yourself or others in a loving way. If they are not helping thoughts, they may just be more chatter from your ego. But don’t worry. You will soon easily be able to tell the difference.

Taking Your Mindfulness into your Life Journey

Here is where you can take your meditative peace and centeredness with you into the world, by declaring your expectations and acting on your intuition. Now, you must live in a place where you can observe this faith power playing out in your life with heightened alertness. You are not going to miss any opportunities because you know that the hand of the Divine works within you and change in life happens through mysterious coincidences. We must be ready, every day, for the internal urges that are steering us through life.

However, to go deeper into your spirituality, there is another essential step. You must separate from the chatter of your ego. Your ego is the automatic thought or reaction you have, usually without thinking. It is the part of you that is determined to survive and prosper or avoids certain outcomes.

By practicing Mindfulness in your daily life, you can recognize and separate from the behaviors or thoughts which are being led by your ego so you can connect with your higher self. Our essential nature is always connected, and pursuing this connection changes the way you observe your life and even changes the decisions you make.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Hunches are not spelled out for you, but I believe you must always seek their meaning. However, before you can do so, you must train your mind to think rationally about the situation without involving your ego, so you can apply a sensible strategy to fulfill your intuitive hunch.

I always ask myself, “Is what I am thinking right now 100% true or is my ego or fear clouding my mind?” For example, let’s say you have a deep longing to become a therapist, but to do so, you will need to go back school. What is holding you back? For the sake of this example, we’ll say it is your fear of how the time commitment will affect the people in your life who have come to dependent on you. Maybe you believe they will not love you as much if you take time away from them, or they might suffer in some way.

Ask yourself, “Is this true?” Is it true that the people in your life will suffer or love you less if you pursue your dream? In a lot of cases like this, the answer is no. Leave your ego or the fears attached to your ego out of the decision and allow your rational mind to come up with the strategy to go after your dreams. You are in control of your life, and as they say, no one else should be driving your car but you.

To have a balanced mental makeup you must train your mind to make logical and rational decisions. (I can’t say this enough.) Remember as you are following your Intuitions, you are looking for a confirming Synchronicity to show you that you are on the right path.

This is the process that provides the greatest evidence of spirituality working in your life! The world is designed for your soul’s dream to come true. The more you get familiar with this method, the more you will notice the miracles that come to help you fulfill who you are here to be.

What If You Lose Your Connection

We all face situations in our lives that knock us out of our flow. When you feel disconnected, just start over again from the beginning. Be still in the quiet and prayerfully affirm with gratitude that you will step back into this wonderful, connected life.

Staying connected is important because we are discovering that if every person in the world suddenly lived through these miracles and guidance all the problems of humankind would be quickly solved. People would give their ideas of higher practice and reform to every aspect and institution of the world.

By practicing mindfulness and affirming our faith, we can all be moved to connect with our most creative and powerful purpose.

About the Author: James Redfield is an author who has spent his career studying those who strive to live a spiritual life, and shares his journey and findings on his blog: