How To Be Your Own CEO, how-to-be-your-own-ceo

This new phase in life provides opportunities for new adventures, as well as challenges and stresses. Those challenges and stresses could include finances. You may have been the sole provider for years, or you could just be stepping into the job market for the first time.

Whatever your situation may be, you might looking for a  way to bring in more income without losing time away from a full  time job, or time away from family and friends. That’s where the  benefit of working a Direct Sales business comes into play.

Direct Sales. Believe me, I know that’s a dirty word for some of you. You may have had bad experiences. Maybe you felt pressured to  buy products from friends, family, or even total strangers. You may  have left social media because it felt more like product sales than a way to network or keep in touch. You may think that no one will buy what you’re thinking of selling, or you may not want to feel like you’re bothering people. The reasons behind not liking Direct Sales are endless, but so are the benefits.

Are you ready to find your dream work-at-home career?

We’ve scoured the internet and came across this fantastic list that our friends over at TheWorkAtHomeWoman pulled together. Note these are applicable to the guys, too!

Here are a bunch of FREE online courses that can help you determine which is the right path for you.

Affiliate Blueprint – Do you want to make passive income from your blog?

Have you heard about passive blogging income, but you’re not sure what it is or how to execute it? In this free 4-Day Email Course, successful six-figure blogger, Addi Ganley will show you how to make your first affiliate sale and share her proven strategies for bigger affiliate commissions.

Blogging Success – Do you want to make money blogging?

Have you thought about blogging, but you have no idea how to get started? Then grab a copy of my free e-book, Blogging Success. This 28-page course will guide you through setup and writing to tips and tactics for getting traffic and monetizing your blog. It also includes four case studies from four superstar bloggers who will let you in on their secrets and best tips for making money.

Business Bookkeeper Academy – Are you a numbers person?

Want to make up to $60 an hour working as a bookkeeper? The Business

Bookkeeper Academy offers a free 3-Part Online Training Series that tells you characteristics of good bookkeepers, income potential, costs to get started, how to market your business and the next steps for getting started.

CEO of Me – Is direct selling your work-at-home calling?

Are you involved with a direct selling company, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Want to jump into direct sales, but you’re not sure you have what it takes? In Misty Kearn’s free 8-Day Online Mini Success Course, you’ll learn how to set goals, create systems, generate an authentic marketing plan for your direct sales business, how to overcome fear and tons more.

Elite Blog Academy – Want to keep readers on your blog? The foundation of your blog is its structure, and all too often this important step gets overlooked in the blogging process. If your blog needs some organizational help, check out The Blog

Structure Blueprint (from one of my favorite bloggers, Ruth Soukup). This

free online course will teach you how to organize your blog in a logical manner that can set you up for success. This simple template will help you map out a clear organizational structure that you can use to plan content and improve navigation, so your readers have an easier time finding what they’re searching for — which keeps them on your blog longer!

Horkey Handbook – Having trouble figuring out your writing niche?

Have you ever dreamed of being a freelance writer, but you’re not sure what topics to cover? In 200+ Freelance Writing Niches and Sub-Niches to Choose From, the spunky and successful, Gina Horkey shares an extensive list of freelance writing niches from her years of personal experience both as a freelance writer and coach. This list is sure to help you generate some new writing ideas!

Internet Scoping School – Would you like to edit court reports?

Not sure what a scopist is or what they do? Want to know how much a scopist can earn? In Linda Evenson’s free 7-Day Mini Course, you’ll learn what scoping is, how to get started, what skills you need, the earning potential, and much more.

Learn to Blog – Trying to get traffic to your blog?

Is your search engine traffic not what you’d like it to be? In Kelli and Crystal’s free 5-Day Email Course, you’ll learn how to set up your Google Webmaster Tools and Search Console so you can take actionable steps to improve your search engine traffic organically. I haven’t taken this course, but I have purchased another one of their courses and it’s awesome! I never knew how much you could do within Google Analytics and Search Console — these are some smart ladies!

ProofreadAnywhere – Do you have an eagle eye?

Do grammatical and spelling errors drive you crazy?! Are you constantly correcting texts and Facebook posts?! Then this free workshop is for you! In Caitlin Pyle‘s free 45-minute general proofreading workshop you’ll find out what a successful proofreader does, how to elevate your skills to become a GREAT proofreader, how to use one of the most popular proofreading tools, and a few places to find clients!

Social Media Manager School – Are you a social butterfly?

Have you been working on your social media management business, but you’re not getting the results that you think you should? Then check out Phyllis and Andrea’s free Social Media Consultant Starter Kit. This kit will teach you how to break into the field, how to get new clients, three steps to earn an extra $1,000 a month, and lots more.

Staging Diva – Do you have a creative flair?

Do you love watching HGTV? Then home staging may be your calling. Debra Gould, also known as the Staging Diva, has developed a free Home Staging Business Email Course which will help you decide if home staging is the right career for you. In this course, you’ll also learn how much you can earn, what you need for your portfolio, how to market your business, how to recommend color and tons more.

TranscribeAnywhere – Are you a fast and accurate typist?

Would you like to transcribe audio files into text? In this free 7-Lesson Mini-Course, veteran transcriber, Janet Shaughnessy explains the industry, how much you can earn as a transcriber, where to find clients, and what you need to get started. She also includes nine signs that transcription is not a good fit for you.

VA Networking – Want to help others with administrative tasks?

Have you ever thought about becoming a virtual assistant, but you’re not sure where to get started, how much to charge, or what steps to take first? Founded by Tawnya Sutherland, VA Networking has a bunch of free training tools for aspiring and new virtual assistants, such as their free Kickstart Your VA Business eBook. VA Networking is the place to go if you want to become a virtual assistant. It’s been in operation since 2003 and has over 28,000+ professional members.

With Direct Sales, as well as a lot of the above ideas, you have the opportunity to work a business on YOUR time. It’s a business that fits into your schedule rather than you scheduling around it. You can work this kind of business from a cell phone, laptop, home computer, or all three at once. Waiting for a meeting to start or waiting in the car pool line, no matter how little time you have, you have time to work in Direct Sales. No time missed out on new adventures, just a new way to pay for them.

About the Author: Dianne Gray is a self-employed, mother of two, who loves to travel and experience new things. Passionate about writing, and helping other others, blogging gives her the opportunity to do both. She has also been a direct sales consultant with Rodan+Fields for over a year and it has encouraged her to help others pursue unconventional outlets for income that does not take time away from family and friends.